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The Daily Edit is an intelligent news app that not only brings you up-to-date news but also reveals the missing details and misleading content for each news article.

The Daily Edit App has helped me to learn about the different nuances in news reporting.

Every news source has its own focus point and the Daily Edit App has enabled me to understand this perspective better and also assisted in looking at one story from different angles. A great App for someone who would like to have an unbiased perspective on the global news.

Richard van Westing

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I can now read articles and (without having to do secondary research) really understand how reliable the information is. I trust the news again! I’m so thankful to The Daily Edit for what it has done for my news consumption but more importantly for what it might do for the world!

Dr. Aly Virani

Read between the lines.

See missing details, missing sources, and misleading content highlighted on each article. Tap a highlight to reveal more information and discover other articles that cover missing details and more.