About Us

The Daily Edit is a news aggregation platform offering the quickest route to the most information on any given story.

The brainchild of Steven Pegoraro, Michel de Jong and Craig Nugent, The Daily Edit was inspired by frustrations over reporting on the Covid-19 pandemic. With their tech and business expertise, they set about tackling the major issues of ‘fake news’, ‘biased news’ and news literacy.  They found ‘bias by omission’ was a huge problem, and used in media to reinforce viewpoints instead of reporting stories in a balanced manner, so they decided  to create a solution.

Steven Pegoraro
Michel de Jong
Craig Nugent

“We believe the news should be a service for the public good. We’re on a mission to bring all the information we can find on a story to one place, free from bias and manipulation. We aim to present the full story, with as much information as possible in order to give the facts, not the agenda. With knowledge comes power, and the ability to make smarter decisions.”

Craig Nugent, Co-Founder