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Weary of two years of repeated vaccination campaigns, Americans have been reluctant to embrace the updated booster shots that the administration rolled out in September.

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The U.S. is unlikely to suffer the same surge of COVID-19 infections this winter as it did last year, when the omicron variant first emerged and swept across the country, senior health officials said Tuesday.

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Bivalent COVID-19 vaccines include two components, one of the original virus strains to provide broad protection against the virus, and one of the omicron variant to provide better protection against that, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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According to health officials, the daily number of severe cases among hospitalized cases and deaths for the third week of November increased by 14.3 percent and 41.8 percent, respectively.

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Seniors, individuals with underlying conditions such as heart or lung disease, and those with weakened immune systems are more likely to become seriously ill from cases of COVID-19 flu Young children are also prone to flu and RSV complications.

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If everyone eligible for that booster — all people age 5 and up — were to get it, as many as half those deaths could be prevented.

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• The Ohio Supreme Court has dismissed a lawsuit challenging Gov. Mike DeWine's authority to end Ohio's participation in a federal pandemic unemployment aid program ahead of the federal government's 2021 deadline for stopping the payments, the AP reported.

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The first is long-COVID and the second is the possible heightened risk of health issues and death associated with getting infected multiple times with different variants.

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And everyone should consider wearing them in crowded public places, added Allison Messina, chief of the division of infectious disease at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg.

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COVID-19 cases in China are spiraling towards levels not seen since April 2021, and officials are looking to shut down large swaths of the country once again to prevent more cases from spreading under its zero COVID policy.

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COVID-19 cases are low in Florida — and deaths remain steady — but scientists warn that an uptick in infections is likely after the holidays.

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"Maybe I'm not concerned about me personally," Salemi said, "but I'm certainly concerned about the higher risk people in my family who I might be interacting with."

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"If you're taking a home test and you have a negative, all of the home tests have a time that they recommend a retest so that you know if you might just have been falsely negative the first time," Cummings said.

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"Adults diagnosed with COVID-19 who were prescribed Paxlovid had a 51% lower hospitalization rate within 30 days of their diagnosis than those who were not prescribed the medication, the study found."